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My Name is George Duncalf and I have been handling birds of prey for over 20yrs and rehabilitating injured casualties since 1992. For several years I worked alongside one of the larger national bird of prey charities including a stint as chairman. When I moved up to the Fens in North Cambridgeshire in 2002 I decided I could be more effective if I were to concentrate on my local area, so I formed The Fenlands Bird of Prey Rescue.

I specialise in wild injured birds of prey although I will take in other birds. I also treat and re-home captive bred birds such as those that are used in falconry, and over the years I have been in contact with nearly all our native species and a great many non-native species.

It did not take me long to realise that all birds of prey need specialist care and facilities if they are to have the best chance of being released back into the wild (facilities most bird rescue groups do not have). Each species actually needs their own specialist way of being handled and cared for. If you treat a short-eared owl like you would a tawny owl or a sparrowhawk like you would a kestrel there is a good chance they will not survive. Over the years I have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge about each species which helps me treat individual cases the best way possible.

I take in many casualties each year from various sources, such as the RSPCA, the police, vets and of course the general public. All the care, housing, vet and food bills are funded by my wife and I with the odd donation. I am very lucky to have a friend who is a top avian vet and he treats everything at cost price. I would never keep going without his help. Thanks Malcolm.

On the advice page it tells you what to do if you find an injured bird, and of course you can always get in contact with me. Obviously the phone will give you an immediate answer to any worries as, even if I am at work, my wife is normally around.

Remember, the sooner the casualty gets into experienced hands the better the prognosis.

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Full address: "Clareview", Sutton Road, Leverington, Wisbech, PE13 5DU
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