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In Memorium Of "Lady" & "Sonny"

For the past 5 years I have had a pair of lanners in one of my aviaries. Lady and Sonny were flown in displays for nearly 14 years as a cast and when the female needed to be retired because of a leg injury it was decided to retire Sonny with her.

All the years they flew together Lady was the boss and Sonny was only allowed to attack the lure once she was ready, in fact I saw her on several occasions actually chase him out the arena as he was coming to the lure and she was not ready.

I decided to put them in an aviary together and from the first day they never squabbled and spent all day side by side on the perches. Sonny who had always been very friendly became very territorial and protective of the female.

The second year together she laid 5 eggs. One hatched but died next day.
The next year just four infertile eggs.
Last year 5 eggs were laid but a sudden cold snap and snow made her stop incubating.
When I took the eggs each had a dead embryo inside.

This year there were no eggs at the normal time but about two weeks ago she made a scrape. 10 days ago I looked in and she was on the nest ledge but did not look right. I went in and she had prolapsed while laying and had sadly died.

I removed her body and for the following week Sonny was very quiet, perched up against a wall and hardly eating. I was thinking of putting some
anti biotics into him as a precaution.

Yesterday morning I found that he had also died There were no obvious signs although he was a little thin.
I do not like putting human emotions too these birds, but I honestly believe he just pined away.
He was 21 this year and she would have been 20 so they had a good life.

They will both be sadly missed.

George. Duncalf

RIP "Lady" & "Sonny". April 2009

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